Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I wonder if charisma is something you can attain. Like if you feel that you aren't charismatic enough, and want to become more charismatic, can you set your goals and try to gain more of this trait?

I found this picture on a random BLOG that I came across. I love the way this person puts so much emotion and expression into her art. If you don't enlarge the picture, you can't see the writing on the lower left of the picture. It says, "The nations rage, the kingdoms totter; He utters His voice, the earth melts. The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress... Be still and know that I am God."I love it, and it makes me very curious. To the left of the man it says, Spain 1 Germany 0. I am wondering if maybe this man is watching a soccer game, he looks the type, and whatever he is focused on, he is really intent on "it." The verse above is from Psalm 46:6-7, I am not sure what translation it is from, but I like it. The be still and know that I am God is from Psalm 46:10. I really like it, I like it a lot (Dumb & Dumber).

I was up early this morning, like I actually woke up at like 6:50, got around and met Josh at a coffee shop and chatted a bit at 8:00, it was good. Then I went on over to the YMCA and worked out, I really like this whole early morning work out session thing. It gets me going, and I feel really refreshed afterwords. I think I would like to keep that up.

In the afternoon, a pretty big storm rolled through. You can see by the looks of this video I captured on my phone that it was the real deal. If only my phone really did the storm justice. It was pouring down rain like CRAZY! There was intense lightening and thunder, but my dad doesn't throw in much of a shocked look either. There is a tornado siren going off in the back ground, and I think a tornado actually touched down somewhere near by. It was cool. I LOVE STORMS!!

Other than that, my day was pretty average but very enjoyable. I start my new job at the YMCA doing childcare, and I am totally pumped about that. Class went good today, and all it well. :-)


amy h roberts said...

nice. you got it--the euro finals. did you watch the game? it was beautiful.

i think i memorized in ESV. if not it's NIV.

thanks for the props.

Mikey said...

The video in this post makes me sound like a squeaky little kid. HA! That is funny to me