Saturday, July 05, 2008

July to the 5th

I had a pretty average day today. Actually, I had a pretty lazy day today. I slept in till about 12:00, then eventually ate some honey nut cheerioes and then watched some more T.V. I was proud of myself for starting a new book today. It is called,

The Jesus I Never Knew by: Philip Yancey

I am really liking it because it is raw, and real. I really like real. BUT, I have this tendency to start a good read and great, amazing, profound intentions fall short of what I originally want. It is something about reading, reading is just something that I always struggle with. Yancey is real good though.

I had some amazing dinner with my parents and their friends.

I went over and tried to help John my sisters fiance with his phone, then stayed and played some GTA 4. Great game. So, I guess today was pretty average & I am okay with it.

Okay, so this guy is a huge French jerk......but it's pretty darn funny. LOL.

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