Friday, August 01, 2008

ouch, it is hard to grasp

Do you ever talk to someone till you forget how much time has gone by? It seems like when you are on the same page with someone, your just in a great place.

Today was rough again, i'm not going to lie, a lesser man (man without Christ) could have been driven to drinking, drugs, or whatever numbing agent of his choice. But, I stuck it out.

I had the worst case scenario happen with a very young child. I found out about some horrible things going on in this young persons life. Very young, and I had to report it. It makes me question things, and can make me very angry. I have to rely on the God that loves all man, and I must search after that. It has to be slightly attainable. I know for darn sure that I am not capable of understanding why the most horrible things happen to the innocent. Or how I am suppose to love someone who does the horrible things. I am growing and learning though. I am for sure.

And I feel as though I was blessed because of my decision. After work I went to a pool party that I was invited to by a Young Life kid by the name of Nolan. He is a great dude, and I love chatting with him. I love it when people are honest with me. That is such a great thing for me.

Then I had the amazing and wonderful opportunity to talk with someone who is on the same page as me. And it was just so healthy for me. I desire and need that "connection" once in a while, as a reminder almost to just continue to love and experience amidst patience. And no, I did not screw that sentence up. That is exactly what I wanted to write.

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Megan said...

I also love it when people are honest with me, I think we all need that. That's great you found that connection today, i think we all need that once in awhile. I'm glad for you. :) I hope you have a good day and talk to you later!