Saturday, August 09, 2008

new shoes, slip-n-slide

(big sigh) It felt good to know that I don't have to prepare for a quiz or a test today. It felt really good to be able to be LAZY. I am really loving it now, because soon the fall semester will start up and LAZY will be a thing of the past for me. Well, eventually I did get up and mosey on over to the YMCA to get my lift on. Right as I pulled up to the Y I got a phone call from my friend Mike Gann. My buddy who lives in Phoenix, who I visited not to long ago when I volunteered at a Young Life camp earlier this summer. Well, Mike called to tell me about this web-site who was having this AMAZING Saturday sale. Some of their shoes were already 75% off, and Mike had a code that would get me an additional 15% off. Check out these NSS shoes I got. Yea, I only paid $13.75 for those bad boys. ME SO HAPPY with my purchase. yep I think these shoes are gonna be good, and you really can't beat the price. FREE SHIPPING TOO!! So, as I was coming home from the Y, I drove by my friend Tony's house. I saw his Nissan up on blocks and was interested to see what was going on with it. Well, he was changing the brakes on it and I actually stopped by at just the right moment. Tony actually needed a lift over to Autozone and needed help bleeding his breaks, so I showed up at just the right time. Also, it turns out that the neighbor accross the street was out today on his super slip and slide. He along with some ladies were gettin a little crazy on it. LOL. I have to admit, if the water in that pond wasn't so nasty, I would really wanna go and try that thing out.
So, I had to go over and get a little bit of video footage with my phone. It's pretty funny.

Not too long after, a cop showed up. It appeared that the neighbors called him, and he had a piece of paper in his hand that he delievered to the guy who lived there, owned the house, and built the ramp. They aren't allowed to go into the pond apparently. It was funny, because when the cop was leaving the girls who were with the guy wanted to get a picture with the COP. The cop was trying to act all big and tough and kept declining them. SO, the girls just leaned up against the squad car and had the guy snap the picture. The cop couldn't just drive off with them leaning, so he was kind of forced into the picture. Very Funny.

I never took a shower today......I feel kind of gross......but at the same time, completely cool with it.

I think I am going to go lay down, read from Romans, and go to bed.

God bless you readers, and I just want all of you to know I pray for you.

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Lily said...

Oh, these are gorgeous! Are there any other colors?