Friday, August 15, 2008

listen to this

I woke up this morning, and got myself around pretty quickly. No dilly dallying. I was on a mission, get to school and get on a payment plan so I can be in school. (very important) So this is what I did and in a matter of no time, I was good to go. The first day of class is on the 25th!Because I wasn't expecting to get through the bursars office so quickly, I had some extra time on my hands. I went to a near by coffee shop and hit up the devotional/Bible digging. It was really good. As I was getting into the word, I got a phone call from a guy with the last name of Murphy. We had talked a while ago about a stem cell transplant he was going just over the border in Mexico for to treat his M/S. It is an interesting (one i'm not familiar with) treatment that uses human placentas. They actually cut parts of the placenta up and place them strategically through out the body. He seems happy and confident with the treatment but still awaiting results.

Today was also the last day for me to be at the YMCA downtown location. It was sad to say goodbye to those kids, but I know on Monday I will have a whole new group of kids to get to know and enjoy just the same.I got to read one last time to these guys. It is crazy how they never get sick of the same book over and over and over and over.

As soon as I got out of work I went home and helped my parents set up for the bit BIRTH DAY PARTY for my dad that will take place tomorrow. It is going to be super nice. I had to help put in the steel fire pit, hang lights, and place tables and what not.

As soon as that was done I went over to my friend Brad's(from Bible study) house where they had a going away party for his girlfriend. She is going to go to Ball State (college) on the 25th to finish her masters degree. They had a rip-roaring fire!!!!
Once I got home for the final time, I went in my back yard, where my parents were sitting around the newly placed fire pit. It was all very nice and peaceful. When they wanted to go to bed, they volunteered me to stay with the fire till it died down and was safe to leave alone......I agreed and wipped out my phone and watched episodes of The Office right there next to the peaceful fire pit and the BEAUTIFUL full moon. A good end to a great day. :-)

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Megan said...

i bet that fire pit look awesome! That would be a great end to the day.