Sunday, August 10, 2008

blueberry shake & Disc Golf

(Ryan, Zach, Tom, Josh)

I slept in today because well I could I suppose. No church till the evening. I got started to get around at about NOON and when I did I got ready and went and borrowed some disc's for disc golf. I went with Josh (Young Life area director), Tom (Young Life staff), Ryan (Young Life volunteer), and Zach (possible volunteer). We all went and had a good time and just enjoyed each other I suppose. At first I really wasn't all to excited about it, because I just hate the whole competitive realm of things, but it was friendly and I just didn't keep score....or maybe just didn't want to be reminded of what my score actually was, ;-).

When I got home I was crazing a blueberry milk shake, so...that is exactly what I made, and it was WONDERFUL!And it is quite possible that this picture doesn't do it justice. But you just have to trust me when I say that it was amazing.

1/8 teaspoon ground nutmeg
3/4 cup half-and-half cream or milk
1 cup vanilla ice cream or reduced-fat vanilla ice cream
1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries
2 tablespoons sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla

Be careful when putting in the nutmeg though. They aren't kidding when they say 1/8 teaspoon, any more than that and you'll be all like....hummm I think there is a pinch too much nutmeg. I say this from experience.

When I finished the shake, I went to DAVE CHURCH! I got a phone call from Dave on Friday, and he told me that it was back on. He was in much higher spirits today....well seemingly he was. When I asked him about it, it turns out that maybe that is not the case, but I gained some real insight into his plight. It is in the dark times, and maybe almost or fully in depression that God really wants to be able to grow. Dave gave the example of Jesus walking on water out to the disciples in Mark chapter 6. I ask myself, "why the heck do the disciples have so much trouble trusting in Jesus?!?!? I mean they got to see him perform miracles and all this amazing stuff, and still they didn't trust in the hard times....ohh wait, that's me. In my hard times, I fall so short all to often. And it hits me. Like a knuckle to the head from that one uncle who always plays to rough. If I stay strong and committed even in the times that seem futile, it will cause a strengthening of the spirit in me. I will learn that there is a much better way to look at life and all of it's dealings. It doesn't mean that the picture is going to be painted just how I would like it to be. I want the picture of my life to look GOOD, I want it to make sense and be very pretty to look at. The fact of the matter is sometimes it just doesn't work out that way. Life is messy, and it sometimes may turn out looking like this...Ya know, nobody wants their picture of life to look like that. We want it to be perfect and pretty, and we want people to look at it and say, hummm that is very nice. I would like to clap softly for that person's life picture. But it doesn't work like that. Sometimes your picture of life is messy and there are stains on it, and it makes you who you are. God always finds beauty in it though. (big sigh of relief) And to be honest, I find real comfort in that.

I think I am going to stop blabbing now. After Dave Church I went to Collateral (interrogation) and the message was about being thankful. It was kind of good, and I talked with some of my brothers in Christ and it was just really good. I actually pulled in some of the points put them in above when I was talking about what Dave spoke about. Today was a real good Sunday. I wouldn't trade it for even an exciting Sunday.



Anonymous said...

responding to your reply to my post as to what is right or wrong or good or bad..come on, even a die hard bible thumper cant tell me that a child being molested, or a innocent parent of a olympian being stabbed to death in china has a good or bad question to it..its a bunch of crap..good people are violated every day, and bad people are rewarded every day, so you please explaine to me why that is ok, or is something we should not question..if we are not supposed to question things or disagree or not understand what happens in this fuc... up world then why did god give us the abbiltiy to question it...dont question my doubts, please exxplain your beliefs so maybe i could try to grasp your unquestioning beliefs..way too many good people have hardships and sorrows that they dont deserve..a good and compassionate god would not cause that...

Mikey said...

Why are you so quick to point finger at God for all the horrible and disgusting things in the world? If life was perfect, and there was no sin, well we would all be robots. The fact of the matter is that having the opportunity to make that essential "choice" of do I do good or bad is what makes us human. That ability to know right from wrong goes hand in hand with it. Free will my friend, is a huge and awesome gift we are given. The sin in this world is not caused by an almighty God, but it is not stopped by Him either. If it was, we would just be chess pawns in a rigged game. This is the reason God did give us the ability to question it. He also gave us a code to live by (Bible). And in all my experience, when I am following that code with all my heart and seeking God's will, I can't go wrong. Doesn't mean my life is going to be all smiles and happiness, but it means I will ALWAYS have peace no matter what is around the bend. I'm sorry anonymous if I didn't explain myself very well. Please feel free to expand on anything else I might have said, or that you are thinking. And just to clarify, it is NEVER okay for bad to be rewarded, or for good people to have bad things happen to them. It is just part of this sinful life we are in.

Anonymous said...

I'm here at your blog world .I hope that my stay here is pleasant and warm.....please no pain no worries no troubles .... I guess i am talking about the"other world" which is exactly the quest we as believers in Jesus(there is an example of an insulated life)are so consumed by or at least should be.All I want is to be able to Love this God who sometimes doesn't make sense and yet know that he has my best interest at heart. I also want to love others. How I wish the church would be an example on how to truly love.
OK,I'm done... i must go before I become unlovely.