Saturday, August 23, 2008

this day

I was LAZY till about 3 when I finally went outside and me, my sister, and my dad cleaned my sisters, my moms and my dads car. It was fun to clean cars with Mer and my dad. She came over today to get some music on her phone, and I forget what else.Something awesome happened too. I think that Greg Collins does a really good job of depicting this struggle in the above picture. Ya see, I was really struggling with something earlier today. Through God I was able to overcome it, and felt really good about that. I even talked to someone afterwords and asked, why does sin have to be so hard to say no to sometimes? This person explained in a quite poetic way through a metaphore. It went something likethis...Struggles in life are like the currents of a river pushing a stone through it. The stone starts off jagged, rough, and ugly. Through time, the water pushes it along the river bottom, up against other stones, and just gently and patiently wears down the edges until they are smooth and pretty. "WE," the humans in life are like the stones, and the water and river bottom are like the events God takes us through. We start off ugly and rough, but end up smooth and if we choose to walk close to God with our eyes on Him, he builds our character through it all. I thought that was good.

Well, I got a phone call tonight. I won't go into detail about the conversation, because it isn't something that needs to be said, it will stay confident. But this friend was from my past life. I reached out to him big time, then for the past 4 months I haven't heard from him. He called me, because he recently got out of Jail. Like weeks ago. We talked about it, and I had an awesome opportunity to be a loving example of a brother in Christ. He was lifted up by it, I was, and it was good. I think that if I would have made different decisions today, that phone conversation could have gone totally different...and not in a positive way. AGAIN, it is awesome how God ties things together. Even when we totally don't see it coming, He does!!!


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