Tuesday, August 12, 2008

(11:45 A.M. update)
Well, I checked online to see how I did in my statistics class...and well it just so happens that I got an (A) in that class!!!!! I am so happy, so very very happy!! All that study time and busting my butt paid off, and it feels good to do so well in a subject that I really struggle with.

(11:00 P.M.)
Yes, seriously I am still so blown away. AHHHHH!!!!! I GOT AN A!!!!!!!!!!

So, today when I went to work I of course was in such a good mood. Even the kids who would usually put me in or near a negative mood, were just like sprinkles to the already lovely ice cream. Yep, it was so good to be with the kids, even though I had to see one of the fathers that has allegations against his actions with one of the children.............That is very difficult. Extremely difficult, but I had to do what I had to do.

At work I played with the kids. The kids are good for my soul. The patience I learn from them is extremely good.That is little Alex who is taking the shot!!! I think that one went in if I remember correctly. I am going to go to a Wizards game tomorrow with my brothers in Christ!! I am so totally pumped! It's gonna be fun!

But for now, it is time for me to lay my head down to sleep, and pray my Lord my soul to keep, tor if I wait, this lunesta continues to kick, a sleep on steps, I will be fit. HUH?



rileydster said...

Good work young man on many fronts!
Cousin Dan

Megan said...

that's awesome! I'm happy for ya! :)

Mikey said...

P.S. to everyone who leaves me comments, I LOVE AND APPRECIATE THEM ALL!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Of all the guys i know you are truly one of them. I hope life always gives you ice cream with sprinkles on it,and that the peace of Christ rules your life.
Especially Love