Tuesday, August 05, 2008

shut up, seriously?

This is my life, I just tell it like it is.....

This morning I woke up at 7:00 and was at the Y working out by 7:55, I went home as usual and was just getting ready to get in the shower when I got a phone call. It was another RESTRICTED phone call, but I picked it up anyways. As soon as I did, I was blown away. I recognized the voice right away, and when he told me who he was for himself, when I actually heard the audio play into my ears, I actually had the breath taken out of me.Now you might be thinking, well all this is a bit much Mikey, but I kid you not. Charles called me up and we spoke for a good 34 minutes and 26 seconds this morning about subjects ranging from his past life, to positively affecting the youth of today. What a crazy experience, just 2 days ago I was watching a movie about this guy, talking with my friends about how it would be crazy to be able to meet him. And then I get to talk with him on the phone. Not only that, but Charles & his wife said that they admired the things I have done... WHAT?!?!? It is so interesting to me, to see how everything unfolded. Right from the get go, when we (my friends and I) were in Blockbuster, it was strange. Josh(friend) wanted to watch Harold and Kumar 2 Escape from Guantanamo Bay...but I thought that looked stupid and mindless so I was very defiant as soon as the suggestion was made. We kept looking and Josh kept trying to talk me into Harold & Kumar. Well, we look and look and look and finally get down to the last wall of movies. Tony who was quiet the whole time says, "hey, look it's Cocaine Cowboys 2." We all agreed & the rest is history. All the little things really do make a difference.

Once I got to class today I got my test back from last Friday. I ended up getting an 88.8% which I was quite pleased with since it is my Statistics class, and I have to study my butt off just to get an 88%.

I should be set for the FINAL on Thursday, I just have to study, study, study. I have turned down several opportunities to work at the YMCA because I just feel like I need to take advantage of every single opportunity that I have to "make that grade." I just have to continue to pray that my alternator, battery & belt continue to hold together till I can slowly accumulate enough money to take care of them. I am sure it will be fine though. "knock on wood" :~)

G'Night all!


Anonymous said...

Hello Mike! This is Erica, Charles' wife and I just want to let you know that my husband and I enjoyed talking to you. Like I told you on the phone God will never put more on us than we can bear, and it's strange how God puts new people in our lives. Keep your head up and thanks for the posting. god bless!!!!!

Mikey said...


Thank you so much! Please know that the pleasure is really all mine. I am still a little frazzled by it. Also, I am really interested to see what kind of youth program he wants to be a part of in Oakland, I would really like to see how that all turns out. I have a passion for impacting the youth of today, especially urban kids. I just think it would be good to stay in touch, in some form. :-)