Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wizards (baseball) game!!

My friend Matt got some free tickets to the Wizards game and decided to take some guys from the Bible study we got going. It is quite refreshing to go out and have fun, actually enjoying myself with a group of guys who I really respect and also really like to hang out with. This is what I have been wanting for quite some time. It was Matt, Josh, Brad, and myself. I should have taken a picture of the guys, but I guess I totally spaced out on that one.
When I am at a baseball game, and I really start to get into it, for some reason I just start to yell a lot. Now, it is not the kind of yelling that would make you turn your head and say to yourself, awww man I wish that guy would shut his mouth. It is the kind of yelling that really pumps up the audience and team. For instance, "COMMON NUMBER 21, IT'S TIME TO STEP IT UP, LET'S SEE THAT ARM OF YOURS BLAST ONE OUT OF THE PARK!!!" This picture below really does a good job of showing my facial expression during the majority of the game. lol Also, there was a group of guys sitting behind us that were mentally disabled. Now whether they had mild or severe retardation, I think they all came from the same nursing facility. It was so great to hear the things they would yell out. And I am pretty sure they got hyped up when they herd me yelling things out constantly. LOL. I believe my enthusiasm helped theirs. Yep, it was a good game and a good day today. I took it slow this morning and slept in, I didn't even work out because well....I suppose I was just enjoying the fact that I can actually sleep in. That is a good thing, and something that will not be possible here in a week and a half or so. I am not going to be lazy tomorrow. It is going to be up early and out and into the schedule of life again. I am going to work out, and then get over to school and buy my books for the semester. Yup Yup!!

G'Night and God bless

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