Thursday, August 28, 2008


Today is day 4 of 13 on a search inside of my thought process, inhabitions, and actions. I am seeking through God's guidance what I am meant to overcome in my life at this vibrant and active Christ filled life of 21 I currently stand at. It's good stuff, like moose tracks ice cream right after it has had a moment to sit at room temperature for a bit so that it is soft, but not melted. If you know what I am talking about, then well "you know what i'm talking about." :-)

Being judgmental is a friction in my mind I have noticed since I was young. I believe it is quite a common trait in most people. When a person sees something that is different or not understood, it gives an over all feeling of uneasiness. Typically one will push away from what ever is causing that inner conflict, or react like the bully does to the weaker kid on the play ground; lashing out to gain a return of guilty confidence. Well, this is what I found in my Philosophy class today.


1.) There are certain people in my phil 111 class who are, well to be perfectly honest and not sugar coating anything, "lacking in common sense." Before they would speak, or right as they would start speaking, I would think in my head, "here we go." As if to say, the words about to come out of this persons mouth are going to be a waste of everyone's time in this class. It went further than that too. There is one guy in the class who made it known probably within 30 minutes of the first class beginning that he was an athiest. He did so with his words, but also his shirt that clearly said, "I do not believe in God." It doesn't bother me, but my heart is hardened to his comments, and I take no interest in what he says. I am closed off to his input, and although I show no negativity towards him, I do notice that I am a bit closed off.

R 1.) This one is a little bit of a "fuzzy area" for me, but to just put my thoughts right out there, I have this to say. With regards to the people who I view as lacking in common sense, I see myself at a different level of intellegence as them. I put myself above them in a sort of way. I guess I may even lack in a mutual respect for them. Although I would only show it through slight sarcasm, my heart is not being honest and acting with overt conflicts. With regards to the Athiest, I honestly think I fear his way of thinking. Not that it stirs up doubt, but because I know the only way of even being able to tap into the sub-conscioius of a person like that is by being a living example. I fail that so often, it is maybe a fear of failing the opportunity to reach out someone like that. It is all very intimidating for me, BUT, also gives me an idea of what I need to work on.I took this picture in my OLS (Organizational Leadership & Supervision) class. OLS is my chosen minor. You can see the prof in the upper left. You can see his head at least. He seems to be a great guy, and can really get into some great conversation. He does love telling dreadfully aweful jokes though. He has this on going one that his wife is a sumo-wrestler....I like him a lot though.One last picture, then it is off to bed for me. I was sitting for lunch at my house when I saw this little fawn come up to some flowers to nibble on this afternoon. Soon after it's mother and 2 siblings came over from directly by our house. They are getting more and more daring. I can't believe how close he/she was. It was so neat to see.

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