Saturday, August 30, 2008


I started the day out pretty darn blessed. Like I said yesterday, I got a phone call from John (old boss for church I use to work for) asking if I would be interested in coming in for 3 hours of work. That is where I was at this morning at 8:00AM, here is a picture of me riding on the bucket of a skid loader while we were taking a load of plants to the back of the building to be RE-PLANTED.Yes, it was a good start to a great day. I was complemented over and over after I was done with the 3 hours. The guy I worked with (Ron Davis, 70+ retired construction everything guy) told me that if I ever needed a reference to any company in Fort Wayne, that I just needed to let him know. Then John came over just before I left, and gave me just a whole list of complements. I got $30.00 cash and now I will have more than enough money (knock on wood) to make it to the next pay check, and THAT IS JUST GOOD STUFF!! As soon as I was done I headed straight to my bro's house. It was there that he put on my serpentine belt.I think it looked a little something like this. All's I know is it's changed and there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with my car. THIS IS ALL VERY GOOD NEWS! :-)

When I visited Troy and Amy (his wife) I also got a chance to visit with my nieces and nephew. Joel, Haley and the newest addition to the Shepherd family Hannah! Check the little cutie pie below.So friggin cute, and extremely well behaved. Doesn't take much to keep her happy (from my short experience with her) and she LOVES HER UNCLE MIKEY! ;-)

It is essential to be loving towards people in all circumstances in life. God forgives when we can not. This is an important lesson I got a chance to expand and think on today. Good stuff.

1.) When I got home after a dull night of stupid t.v. movies and nothingness, later in the evening I decided to walk to the pond in my neighborhood. I sat at the bench by the pond and looked up at the stars and prayed. I spent some time with God just in conversation. It seems that more and more I just talk with God like I am talking to a friend. I mean, I am talking to a friend. It is just not what I was taught as a youngster, in reference to communicating with God. It was good though. I struggled though because I took a Sprite can with me when I walked down to the pond. After I was finished drinking it. I threw it into the pond. :-O

R 1.) I think this shows a deep seeded hatred for fish & really just an over all lack of caring for the environment. I think this way of thinking may have been spurred on when I was a young child and I caught a blue gill in a local lake. When I attempted to pick it up, the gills sliced my skin open, and I forever held this hatred for all fish of the world. I suppose I will have to work on tihs.

It was a good day.

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