Sunday, August 17, 2008

this is neat

I went to Christ Church of Georgetown this morning. I got to share it with a friend, her name is Melissa. Then I went to a viewing type thingy for my friend Sarah Mulherin

My best friend knew her, so it was good that I could go with him. It was very strange to see her pictures. I dated her in high school, and there was a picture of her taken not too long after we dated. She looked very very different back in high school, then she did right before, and the years before she passed. Sarah had a very warm soul. Jeesh, she seemed to always be able to find good in even the most difficult of people. She could make people smile, and just feel welcome. I have very fond memories of her, it is so strange that she is gone. We have not been close in quite some time, but darn if I don't miss her like we were. I guess that happens with good people. You miss them no matter what your current relationship status was. She is missed, and it is difficult to understand why something like that happens. But it does.

Her sister wrote this brief paragraph on Face Book, I wanted to share it.

If you haven't heard already, Sarah Kleyanne Mulherin passed away on July 31st, 2008 from menococcal meningitis in Toronto, Canada. It is a very fast acting, unpredicatble, unpreventable, uncontrollable, and fatal disease. Sarah had a very big heart in life and even in death. Sarah was able to donate her pancreas, liver, and kidneys to save three other lives, one of which was an 8 year old boy whom we were told wouldn't live to see next week without Sarah's help.
Sarah was turning her life around. She had been back in school for almost a year, was engaged to beautiful Ms. Shannon Lynn, was raising a chiuahua named Jonas, and was living a clean and healthy life when the Lord chose her for an angel.
Her family along with the Lynn family will be holding a service to celebrate her life and all who knew her, met her, loved her are welcome and encouraged to attend. There will be a slide show or recent to early age pictures played at her service and a lot of them will include her with friends from Fort Wayne, Maine, Canada, St. Louis, and New York.

After the service I went to Dave Church and we talked about something that stuck out to me. WE (followers of Christ) need to embrace the idea that we are broken sinners. We don't need to embrace the sin, but in deed the sinner. If we run and hide from the fact that we are creatures of habbit and constantlhy fall short of the glory, if we mask that truth and try to just cover it up and move along with life, then what good are we doing ourselves or other brothers and sisters in Christ? NONE!! We gotta embrace this idea that we constantly fall short, and make change through accountability and constant realization of that very idea. I AM A SINNER, I WILL ALWAYS SIN, THEREFORE I MUST LOOK AT IT VERY CAREFULLY IN ORDER TO MAKE CHANGE! Bam, just like that!


Anonymous said...

Bam!!!!!! Emirel stand back
Have you thought about just preachin' and throwin' down like a wild child of God??
Give it a shot.... sinner and all the better


Anonymous said...

Putting on a smile and a fake heart doesn't make you a good person.
Make a difference...don't just make your presence known.

Anonymous said...

Sarah was a BEAUTIFUL AND SWEET person I only wish I could of gotten to know her more. When I was around her she had a very kind heart. She had alot of POTENTIAL and was in college. She will be MISSED. She was LOVED by alot of people and she will always be. I will MISS her and she will always be in my THOUGHTS and in my HEART. My Sympathy goes out to all her family. HEr Mom,Dad,Her Sisters, And Stepbrothers and all her friends.

Anonymous said...

I inclination not agree on it. I over warm-hearted post. Specially the title attracted me to study the sound story.