Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Today is DAY 3 of 14, my pad stayed empty. It was not that I was ignoring anything, or being unaware of my thoughts and actions. Quite the opposite actually. I was super aware of myself all day. From waking up, to right now (10:03PM). My note pad stayed empty. This is a good thing in my opinion. Tomorrow is a new day, but I think a day empty of negative actions or thoughts is realistic and something to be happy about.

Starting out this morning at school I pulled onto campus, and was right on time. Well, when I passed one of the parking lots, I saw the cop standing next to one of the IPFW mountain bikes. When I say "the cop" I, of course am referring to the cop who I was very negative with yesterday. I drove by him, and had that tugging on my heart. So, I turned around and pulled into the lot he was in. I pulled right up next to him and explained what I had said to him. I explained why I had a temper with him, and apologized for my actions. He was extremely surprised, and thankful for me having said that. I explained that I would NOT be having that problem again with him or any of the other IPFW cops in the future. Then I went to class.

At around 12:30, after I went to Home Depot to get some folders and notebooks for classes, I went to Atz's Ice Cream to meet Josh VonGunten for lunch. I had a burger and we discussed the upcoming school year. I am so totally stoked to be involved with Young Life. Such a cool opportunity to reach out to kids, and get down on their level. It's good stuff.

I went back on campus to have a little Bible study. It was super fun, because I found the ultimate location for a quiet time of Bible studying. It was on the very top of one of the parking garages. The one that is usually not super full. I got into Jeremiah some how, and read about the basket of Figs. Jeremiah 24 i'm not sure why, but it done did me good to read that story. Sometimes I am kind of put off by the old testament, because there is just so much I don't understand. Then there are times like today, where I am just like, ummmm I like that A LOT! :-)

When I was driving up the parking garage, in other words, making the assent. I found this pile of puke. I can not say why for sure, but I was drawn to it. And since this is my BLOG, I want to remember this pile of puke some time in the future, or I want my grandchildren to be able to read about this pile of puke, so here it is.Someone's lunch did not sit well with them. LOL. I feel like this BLOG was not enriched with deep philosophical content, so I am just putting in a lot of pictures to fill that void some how.

On my way home, I saw this amazing Mustang Cop Cruiser that looked amazing with it's lights blazing and what not, I just had to pull over and snap a picture of the moment.Yes, that thing is in deed a cop car, and it is amazing!! Now, why Fort Wayne would need one of those, I am not too sure of, but I am glad we got one. :-)

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Anonymous said...

I too am drawn to puke ,,,,,
I think it has something to do with the total depravity of man