Friday, August 29, 2008


Now hear this, today is day 5 of 14 on my significant search for spiritual strengthening, or whatever God would have. Work and school and work were wonderful today. I got a really uplifting comment from my English professor, and that just set the tone. Then, the kids were great...well the kids were average, but I suppose my mood made them great. I have a couple of thoughts on the day. Well, I will give some details, then go into the reflections. Today after work I wanted to go to the 2nd Snider (high school I volunteer with for Young Life) football game. It was great, but I get out of work at 6 and the game starts at 7. I did not want to drive home then back to the stadium. It was just too far. So, I found a parking lot with shade and did a little bible studying. I got into Ester, and she was a pretty bad chick.So, once I was done there and it was time to go to the football game, I did just that. I was pumped to see the kids who I have not seen all summer. I was so excited. I prayed and prayed, and then got there. I seemed to lose a lot of my confidence once I got there.There was easily a million and a half kids there. I am usually so confident in those situations too, but for some reason, I just lost it a bit. BUT, I eventually decided to step out of my comfort zone, and it paid off. I put my trust in the big guy up stairs, and not in my own ability...which is none. Once the game reached half time, it was time to go to my sisters house.Mer is leaving tomorrow morning for MA, where her biological half sister Jill will be picking her up. If you have not heard, or don't remember this story PLEASE CLICK HERE and you too can be filled in with the rest of "us." Cocky I know. I love Merideth so much. Dang do I love her.


1.) When I was walking up to the football stadium, and I listened to that voice in me saying I am going to fail, or I am not good enough to cause any real kind of change. I listened to it. I let fear take me over. It wasn't until I was able to force myself out of my comfort zone, and reach out to kids that I was really able to see, "hey, I am darn good at this, and wow do I love these kids."

2.) I was speeding again today, not 20 MPH over, but over the speed limit to say the least. I passed a cop, and it made me look at my speed. It is like my unconscious thought process thinks it is okay to speed. How do I correct this way of thinking? I don't have cruise control.

R 1.) Pride, I think I wanted to be in control. Yet again I know. Good thing God doesn't put a limit on how many times he will let us do something over and over again before he cuts us off. I'd be out a long time ago in so many different areas.

R 2.) This isn't really a spiritual battle..I don't think.

I do think i'm going to bed now though.

I am happy with my progress though.

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Megan said...

wow, that's awesome for you sister! I sure hope everything goes well for her. :)