Sunday, August 03, 2008

mine day

Today I tried out a new church, not saying it is gonna be a permanent fix or anything, just heard from a friend that it is a good one so I went and tried it out. It was okay, I suppose, I think I wanna go a few more times before I make a judgment call on it tho.

Today I went and hung out with someone named Megan. I met her through some random circumstances, and well we hung out today for a bit after I was done studying. We played some Wii.

Then I went back to my neighborhood and went to Tony & Joshes with Chris and we watched Cocaine Cowboys 2, that is a crazy series that really gives crazy insight into Miami during the 80's and through the cocaine years. CRAZINESS!!!I came home and talked with my friend Wendy. We talked for a long long long time and I am just really confused about many things involved with her. Maybe the future will shed light onto that and I will share more at that time. ~clears throat~ The name was not random.


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