Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day at a glance.

So I start off real early Monday through Friday. Yes, my alarm clock is set for 5:22A.M. I set it for 5:22, because I almost always hit the snooze just once; an extra five minutes is always enough. But, on most days, my body wakes me up automatically like 5 minutes before my alarm goes off; on those days I just get up. This day, I needed those extra five minutes. It is strange, so far on Sunday, Monday, and today my body has decided to wake me up at 4:30A.M. Very strange, and I really hate it. I usually go use the restroom, and get a drink. I can usually go back to sleep then.


Yes, that is correct. I am off to work. I try to be in my car at 6:20A.M., that get's me to work at 6:28-6:30, just in time to welcome the first parent ready and willing to drop their little one off. So, work "usually" goes really smoothly in the morning, and that is that. On Tuesdays I usually leave like 5-10 minutes early, so I can get to class on time. I only have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So, today, since today is Tuesday I left at about 8:38A.M. I believe, and headed to school. As soon as I get to school, I used the restroom (aren't you glad you know that?), and went to class.

~Mass Communications~

My first class of the day, both Tuesdays and Thursdays is Mass Comm/Comm 250 with Julie Creek. I really enjoy this class, and I really enjoy this professor. It is an interesting look at the mass media mediums in America; their start, significance, and future role. This class starts at 9:00A.M. and is over promptly at 10:15A.M. On this day, when class was over I went directly to the Library where I needed to get some studying done for my Law class that I have in the evening.

I studied, and studied and took an online Quiz, and then went directly to my next class.

~Interpersonal Communications~

At 1:30P.M. my interpersonal Comm/Comm 212 with Sheila Cuffy starts. I do not much care for this class, and while I like the professor as an individual, I don't really see a teaching style. She changes up her methods of teaching, and her Exams are all over the place. Sometimes she will tell us to study something specific and will even tell us what questions she will ask, and then doesn't. Or, she will tell us to stay away from a certain section, and then questions from that section will pop up. It is frustrating. All in all this class should be fun, and applicable. But, I hate it. We watch movies for every section of chapters we go through, and they suck. Today was a movie day, we watched Bringing Down the House with Queen Latifah and Steve Martin. I couldn't hardly take any more, and I left about 30 min early; such a frustrating class. So, this class gets out at 2:45 on most days, today it got out at 2:15P.M. for me. I called a friend back who called during class because he had some questions about God/Holy Spirit/Jesus. We talked for a while, and then I drove to work. I have to be at work at 3P.M. which I was right on the dot.

I go to work, play with kids, and leave at 6P.M. I leave at 5/6 P.M. every other day. I use to get to stay till 6 every day, but they cut hours because of "economic instability." Kind of sketchy, but whatever.

So, since today I left at 6 instead of 5, I don't get any dinner, just go directly to class.

~Elements of Business Law~

I kind of like this class. It is by far the most difficult, but probably the one I enjoy the most. I am quite unfamiliar with all the content, but enjoy learning about the American law system as applied in a business setting. This is the second class I have taken for my Minor in OLS (Organizational Leadership & Supervision). I like this class, because I see how it is going to be applied in real life, and he (Kenneth Mattern) actually is an attorney in Fort Wayne, so he has a lot of real life experience and stories. He is extremely well spoken and informed. I like those qualities in a professor, he/she can be the most difficult prof ever, but as long as they know what they are talking about, and know how to teach, it's all gravy for me; I enjoy a good challenge now and then.

When this class get's over, I am pretty tired. I am pretty hungry, and mentally beat. When I went home I got something to eat, watched ohh maybe 45 min. of Television, and then hit the hay (went to zzZZ town/bed). That was my day.

Things I did not put in my BLOG = Prayer; I pray through out the day all day, every day. I try to make prayer as constant as possible. Bible Study; I did not put in my Bible Study (BSF) work, because next week is BSF's spring break, so we will not be meeting or getting new material. I will be doing the study starting on Monday. So, I try to just get in the Bible, and read and ask God to speak to me in whatever part I decide to read.

Thanks for taking interest in my day. I tried to put it out just as it comes. There were a couple of little insignificant things I did, that I did not mention. . . because they were insignificant.


Anonymous said...

maybe you should ask God to speak to you through the Bible on some verses in humility and judgementalism of others, namely your professors and their styles, and your loss of hours at work to the "kind of sketchy" excuse that we have economic problems. amazing, in case you haven,t notice we are in a deep recession that has and is hurting several peoples jobs and hours so you certainly aren't immune to it. Interesting day, but in the realm of things in the real world, not very tough. thank you

Mikey said...

ouch, did you need to let off some steam?

Anonymous said...

ouch is right maybe, but really mikey you do on occasion get a tad crabby and critical of others and their thoughts and lifestyles. that post had some of that arrogance in it to a point i think, but perhaps most of all you should acknowledge the fact that this poor economy and all that it entails, high food prices, gas prices, utilities, loss of jobs, and homes for some people, you haven't been affected by it, it appears, so maybe just maybe, the point is to be greatful for what you have, and not critical of small things or traits of others that you just dont like. but in all truthfulness, what the hell do i know either?

Mikey said...

I think you know a lot more than you are willing to take credit for. At first when I read the comment, I had my defensive walls up. Like I had to protect what I said (there is that arrogance). When, in reality, I should have been trying to understand why, at times, I think what I think. I should ask myself, is this way of thinking/viewing people sort of self-defeating? YES! Is it showing a love that is abundant, one that stands out from the others? NO! And my job, does it work perfectly in my schedule? YES! Is it just enough fiscally to meet all my needs? YES! Am I extremely lucky/blessed to live where I live and experience what I experience? EXTREMELY YES! Am I taking for granted what God has given me by belittling what is on my plate? VERY MUCH SO!

My life is an open book, I am glad readers of this book are willing to point out areas that need growth. Thank you. In an ongoing battle to destroy my pride, it is moments like this that really do inspire real change. When I get put in moments where I could be negative, or critical, I will honestly think of this interaction.

TY -Mikey

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for the compliment on thinking i know more than i think i do. "i am a legend in my own mind" as the great bob knight once said...haha....your ability to take criticism and turn it into a positive is a good thing..God bless and enjoy your weekend i know i will...its high school baseball season....the best..