Saturday, March 14, 2009

back to the grind

It is Saturday, and that means LIBRARY and STUDY TIME!! What a relief, I was getting restless with all this laying around and extra sleep (emphasis on sarcasm added). When I was at the library today, I had to start off by getting on a computer, and printing something out for a class. I usually sit in this one area, but for "some reason (Holy Spirit telling me)" I felt pushed to sit in an area I don't usually sit at. Not only do I not usually sit there, but there was a guy who was talking on the phone and being kind of loud. Regardless, I sat down and got what I needed. As I sat there, I overheard this man's conversation. It went something like this, "I just can't believe she isn't going to make it, I can't believe she is going to be gone.." As he hung up the phone, I said something to the effect of, "that sounded like a pretty heavy conversation." As he explained that it was his aunt that lived in Colorado, and that he wouldn't be able to make it in time to see her before she died, he seemed really crushed. I simply took interest, and found out that she was in the final stage of a long fight with breast cancer. I asked him her name and he seemed confused, he told me it was Dianna, and I told him I would pray for him and his aunt. Which I did, right there in front of him. He made a point not to make eye contact with me for the rest of the time I was there, but I could tell he was lifted just by the fact that I took interest in him at a difficult time. Loving people, for no other reason than to just give what we are so freely given by God, is what it is all about. I did not know that person, and I will probably never see him again. BUT, I know that I did what I could in the moment to offer words of comfort and hope. I stepped in where I could have easily stayed away from out of love. After I was done studying, or I guess I should say after the library closed, I left to my "seclusion spot" on top of the parking garage to do my Bible study. I love this little spot, especially when it is sunny and nice out. While I was there, I talked with George, who I told I would not be able to accompany him to Dave church tomorrow because I had to go to a Young Life meeting (they are every other week). But, that I felt it put on my heart to tell George that he should really go even if I do not. He agreed that would be a good idea, and I told him I would tell Dave to be expecting him. I called Dave while up on top of the parking garage, and talked with him for a bit. I got the scoop that he was babysitting his grandson, "~Isaiah~" Click that link to see Isaiah. Isaiah is Phil's (Phil is Dave's son) son. You with me now? Well anyways, Dave said he was at Phil's new apartment, and I said, "well would it be okay if I stopped by?" Dave said, "well I don't see why not." So I went to hang out with Dave, Margie, and Isaiah. Dave and I went out to get a Pa Pa Murphy's Pizza, and we talked about where he felt God was leading Dave Church/Lifelight Ministries. The main focal point focused on the "decentralization" of the church that is so commonly known today in America (Sunday morning, worship time, sermon, maybe more singing, and departure). This could happen, "we discussed" by starting many churches of small groups (such as Dave church) and then collaborating together to form a church body, on specific dates, possibly once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month to gather, talk about what God is doing in the lives of others, and lifting each other up in support. Also, possibly doing the whole worship thing, because that whole "church experience" can be so beneficial, but should not be relied on fully as the once a week "FIX." Now that I have had time to digest what we really talked about, it makes so much sense. Not only does it make sense, it needs to be done. Radical? Yea, I suppose.


Anonymous said...

you know i got to rereading my post about dogs to you last night and had a thought to ask you. i really believe that dogs give unconditional love to you. no matter how you are feeling that day, whatever your mood, if you are just plain having a bad attitude day your dog still loves you and wants to be with you and comfort you and be your friend and make you feel good. i think thats what i take from some of your posts about how you feel about God, not to be disrespectful and compare him to dogs. but is that not true of how you feel? if so that sounds nice and i am happy that you can feel that way and be comforted by it. kinda helps me get it. just a random thought. have a great week

Mikey said...

I think that is a great correlation to draw. That is very true of how I feel with regards to my relationship with God. Never judging, always wanting to make me feel comforted and loved. Spot on my friend.