Tuesday, November 08, 2016

A Father's letter to his little girl.

Dear Louisa,
I have been meaning to write to you little one. Ever since I learned about you, even while you were still in your mommy’s tummy! I have had so many thoughts and feelings about you. So many thoughts, at times it was easier to ignore them. In 3 weeks, you will be four months old! It feels like so much has happened so very quickly.

I need you to know that daddy loves you very much. But daddy is broken little one, just like your little heart is broken. Except daddy’s broken is different than yours. Daddy is afraid, daddy is nervous about being a daddy to such a special little wonderful girl. Louisa, I hope that someday you can forgive me for being so scared, and for trusting God so little. You can’t even speak yet, and God has used you to speak great truths to Daddy.

Little girl, I found out yesterday that you are going to be having a surgery soon. In 7 weeks, doctors are going to fix your little broken heart. When I found out, I was so afraid! But then I felt something, maybe for the first time. I felt pure joy about you. I was not afraid, I was excited for you and your future. I didn't see limitations for the first time, I saw a gift. You are my little gift Louisa! Then friends, and families, and even strangers started to support your mommy and daddy, but really, they were supporting you little one! They prayed for us, and they gave us money to help fix your heart, and It reminded me that our God is a big God, and a God that cares deeply about all his children. I am so very excited to teach you about our God one day little girl. God has taught me that I do not need to be afraid for you anymore. I do not need to fear what your future may hold. I do not need to feel sorry for you, or for myself. God is in control.

Thank you, precious baby, for teaching me. Daddy loves you so much, and is going to love you and support you and help you to reach your dreams. You are loved little warrior, and you will do great things for Daddy and God’s kingdom. You already have. 

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