Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Love of others

Ever since Mike and I were married people have begged us to get pregnant. Working in a High School ministry every one of my girls would tease and plead for us to have a baby. They would chat up about how beautiful they would be and how fun we would be as parents. When we found out Louisa would have Down syndrome a small part of me was scared how our friends would treat us and her.

I know it is silly but I was worried they would be scared to interact with us and with her. I rarely told people because I was afraid they wouldn't know how to talk to us anymore and would slowly distance themselves from us. I could not have been more wrong. Our friends (and their parents.. ha) love on her hard. Our friends just constantly ask about her and are smitten by her. It is a blessing I cannot even describe. We have had friends come help us put her feeding tube in after she has yanked it out and patiently fed her when she was at her worst.
They ask us hard questions about how we are doing and pick us back up after we have had a hard day. Truthfully, we probably don't reach out enough. I have gotten many emails from Christian woman that will write out their prayers and people asking how they can pray. I know it seems so small to them but it is a huge blessing to us. Mike's BSF Men's leadership group took the morning last Saturday and just prayed over our family. I am constantly blown away by support of the community around us. I don't feel like I deserve it but that is God's character shining through His people. Thank you Lord!
People have already gone above and beyond to help our family. We are very blessed by the community the Lord has given us. I truthfully think of our friends as our family because they mean so much to us.

When we found out about Louisa's heart condition a co-worker/friend encouraged me to start a gofundme page. I have been reluctant to do so because it felt strange asking people to help us out financially. Mike and I have tried our best to be responsible with our finances and even though we make mature decisions we were never expecting to have a sick baby. It is actually pretty hilarious now looking back. Mike and I both find much comfort in planning things out, however, things rarely go as we plan. Our journey has been unique but because of our crazy path we have met some pretty amazing people along the way.
Our 'go fund me' page is:
Please do not give out of obligation. Truthfully we need prayer much more than we need money.
Our prayer requests are:
-Louisa would remain healthy for the next 6 weeks
-Louisa would recover quickly and we be able to spend Christmas at home
-Mike and I would have an indescribable peace as we approach her surgery

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