Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Galactic Conversations

I have been pretty down in the dumps. So, George and I got together kind of late and decided we might try to start something. This video could be the beginning of a beautiful humorous video section George and I start. We sure did laugh a lot and it feels good to laugh. Sort of helps me to forget why laughing isn't happening much lately.

I stopped at a coffee shop before I went to my evening Spanish class. I worked on some BSF and such.

I have been thinking about Janice a lot today. Everything reminds me of her. I still stand strong in my decision, knowing it was the best for the both of us. Just because it is difficult and hurts, does not mean it was the wrong decision. It does however, make it one of the hardest break ups i've been through. I can't be angry or frustrated with her. The relationship ended on such a high note. Possibly a little choppy, but nothing overwhelming. Evenings are the hardest. I am so use to connecting with her at night time. Whether it was by SKYPE, texting, or a phone call. I always had her with me ringing in the evening. Now I am just alone. I have my prayers, but my prayers do not tell me they love me and make me smile. I'm not saying God doesn't make me smile, he does, shoot every time I see a beautiful sun set I get a big ole grin on my face. But, it's just not the same as someone you care so dearly for telling you that they love you. . . I just have to keep reminding myself why I made this decision, and then I am brought back to a place where I realize it is for the best. :-(


Alguien mas... said...

i really liked what you've written XD...sometimes it's for the'll get to notice with time,i hope you and her could be friends after everything you shared,be strong,listen...The Scientist(coldplay...sorry for my english (i guess i'm not bad ..but i'm no good either)

Bueno era todo lo que queria decirte, me inspiro a escribir mi primer comentario en el blog(just for you to practice your Spanish lol)

Mikey said...

Le agradezco su comentario. Quiero amistad con Janice tambiƩn.

BUT, for now I need to distance myself and allow healing to happen. Time heals.