Tuesday, January 05, 2010

video update for ya

Okay, we made these two videos on the roof of Janices house in Cabo. They are both very similar, but they have a different feel and well, just enjoy.

Yeah, I know there is a really awkward hair flip that I did right at the start, but hey the hair is getting long so it just happens! ;-)

Janice didn't really want to be in the first video, so this one was made. Seriously, I got to do so much in Mexico. The best part was spending time with Janice. I love this girl. It is going to suck to go home in 5 days. . . .

Now I have massive amounts of pictures, but I don't even have the slightest idea how to sort through them all right now. If I had my computer and my software, it would be different. But on Janices computer and with her stuff, it is very difficult. Anyways, this will be good for now.


Vice-Commissioner Lister said...

That was a very hot hair flip I must admit.

Mikey said...

i'm starting to perfect it