Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Little things can make a BIG difference

So, I am trying to figure the most efficient way to travel to the Grand Canyon. Ya know, a few miles per hour can end up making a big difference. For instance traveling 1,900 (one-way to Grand Canyon) miles at a constant speed of 70MPH will take roughly 27 hours. Now, rarely does anyone actually cruise at 70MPH, unless you are an old woman. HOWEVER, you don't want to press your luck either. So, I figure 77MPH is a fairly safe average highway speed. But one might ask himself, "How big of a difference can it really make?" Let's do the math. 1,900/77= 24.5 hours!! So, increasing the speed I travel by just 7MPH can shave off 2.5 hours!!! That's pretty incredible. And let's be real, I know I'm going to be going way faster when I am driving through New Mexico. It's as flat and as boring as can be, and there ain't no cops gonna sneak up on you there. . . . (KNOCK ON WOOD). 

Anyways, for that secret component that I was talking about. Well, the deed has been done. That's all I will say. DEED HAS BEEN DONE!

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