Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekend & Continued Planning

It was a pretty good weekend. Got the house ready for when Grandma Karen (Hilary's grandma) and her friend Carol come to town for 3 days. House is crazy clean, and ready to host our lovely guests. . . .

My best friend Jared is living with Hil & I currently, and ever since he moved down to Lexington, we have been wanting to go and visit Jim Varney's grave. He is buried here in Lexington next to his parents.
R.I.P James Albert "Jim" Varney, Jr. 6/15/1949 - 2/10/2000
A.K.A. Earnest P. Worrell

You may remember him from such classic movies as Toy Story, Earnest Goes to Camp, Earnest Saves Christmas, Earnest Goes to Jail, & Earnest Scared Stupid. Jared and I grew up on these movies, so we decided to go and pay our respects. People were putting pennies and coins on his head store for some reason, so we followed in-step. 
 So, I took Jackson (dog) and Jared (best friend) and we went to the Lexington Cemetery. BEAUTIFUL CEMETERY by the way. I would love to be buried here some day. It is super huge, but there are still plenty of open real estate locations. . . . 


I found a good half-way point for the trip. We will be able to take a shower, before going on the second half of this epic trip. The more the days go by, the crazier I realize what I am going to be trying to attempt. HOWEVER, I am only 28 years old. And I know for a fact that once Hil & I have children, I will not be trying to pull stunts like this, maybe. SO, I am totally going for it. This is happening!!!

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