Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Planning Continues

Wow, this feels good. Just like back in the old days. . . . 

Okay, so this is what I did today. I contacted Hil's coworker Amy at her job with Vocational Rehabilitation. She has been great, she is excited to help, and I am excited to let her. She is going to make it so that Hilary can take the time off AND so the scheduling won't conflict. 

I am also in communication with her coworker at her other job with Sorenson. Her name is Heather. Heather is great. She gave me another idea as to how I can make this even more special. I am a little hesitant to even write it on this BLOG, because it is such an amazing idea. In fact, I think I will just wait on that one. This trip, and adventure is going to be absolutely EPIC!! It will be something our kids will talk about, and maybe even our grandchildren some day. 

I am so friggin excited!!! It feels a little bit strange to break out of the ordinary hum-drum of life. I feel like I need to ask for someone's permission to go on an action adventure like this. But then I remember these two very simple truths. . . . . . 


So, with that being said. I am totally ready to continue to plan this totally amazing trip & secret surprise. My goals = 1.) Great conversation in the car. 2.) See half of the United States. 3.) Be spontaneous & fun. 3.) Remind Hilary how special and amazing she is to me. 4.) KNOCK HER OFF HER FEET WITH MY "special surprise!!" 

Ohh yea, I forgot. I got glasses yesterday. Check it out. 

Well, that's all I have for now. I'll continue to update as life progresses.

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