Monday, April 05, 2010

camp, video, tired

So I finally finished up on this video project I have been working on the the past two and a half weeks. It has been long hours in a computer lab doing editing, and this and that. BUT, I believe all my work has finally paid off. And, without my partners help I would like to add. It is sad I got stuck with the 'dud' of a partner. There was a lot of STICKY issues involved, but to say the least, I still have gotten stuck with all the work. And doing all the work is tough. All is well though. So right now with Young Life we are bustin to get kids signed up for camp. This year we are taking our kids to a camp in Detroit Lakes, MN. called Castaway Club. I am so excited for this summer. It is truly going to be an amazing opportunity for our kids. The awesome news is that to start out with we were only allowed to take 70 kids + leaders. But, because so many have been signing up so fast, we are now allowed to take 85 kids + leaders. I am so excited to see what God is going to do with all this.

God is good. I am tired. ohhh, one more thing. There is this girl. Her name is Laura Wight. I so want her to go to camp this summer. I know she has like a family thingy to go to this summer. But, dang what an amazing opportunity this summer would be for her. She could come out on top as a leader, but also be fed in ways that would stretch and grow her to new heights. What an amazing opportunity.
If a certain mother would be interested in gaining information about this camp, she could call me @ 433-1543 p.s. prayers are with you for Bruce. God's hand is at work, even when life is confusing. Trust in his unfailing love in all ways. Proverbs 3:5-6 rocks in hard situations that seem so confusing.

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