Thursday, April 08, 2010


Ha ha ha, todays title is funny only to me. I get the inside joke. You might notice there is a little circular symbol at the end of every single BLOG post now. Well, this is not some strange happening. This was a very strategic decision on my part. Ya see, today I found a wonderful tool. A tool that is helping me to discover the true power of the internet. It is an amazing service you can find at It is truly amazing. I can't even begin to explain it. Truly it has changed the internet for me. Go to the site, download the tool bar. And begin to be amazed. Here are just some examples of the awesomeness.

There are so many more, and I had a truly amazing day today. TOMORROW I LEAVE WITH 2 OTHER YL LEADERS FOR A YL CONFERENCE IN CHICAGO!! WHOOP WHOOP

p.s. late update. . . It is 3:58AM and I am still stumbling, holy crap. I'm going to bed!

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