Wednesday, April 07, 2010

good food and friends

Today was good. The weather was not as fire as yesterday. BUT, no matter. This day, I got the chance to hang with my buddy Kyle. It was a really fun experience. We worked out and I almost threw up. And then at 6:00 I went to Ryans house. We got together with our friend Alex and made a killer dinner. Well, Alex made the dinner. He is a pro chef, and knows how to get it DONE. Isn't that a tiiiggghhht picture? That is alex there cooking it up. You might ask yourself who were you cooking for? For our new friends!!! Dani is to the left and Destinie is to the right. Zack is not in the picture, but he was there also. I love these guys. And Destinie may very well be our first Black Young Life leader here in Fort Wayne. I'm excited!

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