Friday, April 30, 2010


Life has been uber busy, what with end of the semester and trying to get Young Life kids set up for camp. Speaking of getting Young Life kids to camp; last weekend we did this really great fundraiser, we mulched a committee members house. Dang we got super dirty.

And I have been so busy too. Dang, it seems like I am so jammed packed, I sometimes don't have time to think. Bible study, Young Life, school, finding a new church, trying to do right. Dang, life has been really real and in my face. My parents are still struggling finicially because of me, and that sucks. I am trusting in God, and I know it is going to be what he needs it to be. But, ya know, that's there.

I am loving my Lord though. I never get too busy for that. My time with God becomes more and more sincere each time I really get into it. I have been trying to really concentrate on me and God. It gets so hard sometimes though. I wanna just focus on Him and no one else. It can sometimes get really difficult though when there are sooo many distractions though. Not that any of the distractions are getting in the way of God, BUT, they can sometimes consume my 'me' time. I am pumped though. God's grace never ceases to amaze me. I take my last final on the 6th, I will be able to keep up on this here BLOG. It was nice though, to take a little break. I missed it though.

Sometimes growing means failing and starting from the basics. I can get so full of myself, that it causes me to lose focus on Abba. I hate losing focus on Abba. But, grace, GRACE is a beautiful thing. Something that all Christians need to at least try to keep in the forefront of their minds. It brings a smile to my soul. It brings peace to a heart that feels as if it sometimes is not enough. Grace is good. God is Grace.
This is me right now. I am hairy and messy lookin, well cuz i'm broke. (big sigh) I got another ticket, on campus, for not coming to a complete stop. It was real difficult for me. It is going to mess a bunch of stuff up (car insurance, ma$$ive fines, and other stuff), but that is the way it happened. I am just trying to still trust God in it all. It is what it is though. JUST STOP AT THE STOP SIGNS MIKEY!!!! lol, some people gotta learn the hard way. And, well, some people have to just keep movin on, even when life isn't fair. I am staying strong though, God is keeping me strong. God = LOVE!

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