Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter is a fine day


Today started off with me going to church where I had the amazing opportunity to Baptize one of my Young Life guys. I have had the amazing opportunity to be with this guy for over a year, hanging out, studying the Bible, and just growing together. And today, I was amazed to be able to dunk him under the water. What a great and glorious God I serve!


What a great Easter I had too. I got together at Ben's house. There was probably about 20'ish college aged people there. There was tons of awesome food. And, it was so totally fun. We ate good, then towards the evening, we had a killer worship time. Goodness I had an awesome time. Then, towards the end some friends from The Circle showed up. It was awesome because our worship time really blessed them. There was a lot of blessings.

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