Friday, July 22, 2016

39 weeks.. The final days

If I don't laugh I will cry

If you have experienced pregnancy yourself or have a sister, sister-in-law, friend, best friend, co-worker, cousin, someone you have done life with, you know hormones play a huge role in pregnancy.

Mine are all over the place.
When I go out to ANY store this is how I feel:
And then the moment I begin talking about having our daughter this happens:

 My poor husband has walked into our bedroom when I am crying and he will just look at me and say, "Hilary, why are you crying." Sadly, I just say, "I don't know. I don't even think there is a reason I am crying." - Spoken like a true crazy person!

 I am nervous/excited/terrified/ready/not ready/hopeful all wrapped into one crazy woman. The heat does not help not emotional state either. It has been over 90 degrees here in Lexington for the past two days and tomorrow is supposed to be worse. I had to move my watch latch down another hole... I am holding water in my wrist... HOW? I would say most the time I feel like this though:
We are so close to holding our little babe in our arms that I can hardly stand it. We went to the doctor yesterday and my cervix is still closed so we will be induced on Sunday night and hopefully have her Monday at some point. I am going to get a manicure and pedicure this evening and I am so looking forward to just relaxing and soaking it in. #TreatYoSelf. Tomorrow I will be in a pool 70% of the day because that is the only exercise I can do outside without passing out.

Prayer requests:
- Prayer for sleep the next two days
- Prayer for labor to go smoothly

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