Wednesday, July 06, 2016

A different path

Hi. My name is Hilary Riley. I am Mike's wife of almost 5 years. I know this may seem strange for those that have followed Mike's blog for several years so let me explain. We decided to revamp Mike's blog so we could have an avenue to communicate with friends and loved ones about our pregnancy, birth, and parenting journey. We will write this blog together. We will share our perspectives and journeys together because to be honest Mike and I although very different are much better as a team.

Someday I will share how I believe God orchestrated our lives to intersect in so many ways. Before I post about our little one I first want to introduce myself and catch you up on Mike and I's life. While you patiently wait for that let me refresh your memory with this Save-the-date video. Mike had a lot more hair at the time, I guess that is what 5 years of marriage will do to a guy. =) I just watched it and I am crying and laughing out loud all at once (I will blame the emotions on being pregnant).

I am a sign language interpreter in the state of Kentucky. I currently work for EKU through a grant for the State of Kentucky. I am a full-time Vocational Rehabilitation Interpreter. I am insanely blessed with this job that I do not deserve but I am very grateful. I have been an interpreter for 6 years now. Mike and I moved to Lexington in 2012 and we bought a wonderful house in January of 2015. We love Lexington and our "family" we have created here. We recently became members of the Tates Creek Presbyterian Church. We are very excited to become a part of our church family and serve in a Church that brings so much to our lives. Mike works in industrial sales for Netherland Rubber Company. I know way too much about his profession because of how passionate he is about selling products. This man was made to be a salesman, spend more than 10 minutes with him and you will see what I am talking about. We are currently 37 weeks pregnant and it is extremely humid outside.  I am ready to meet our baby and (Bonus) to get working on my body being normal again.

 We are the Riley's.

We passionately seek the Lord and try to be as vulnerable and open as possible with everyone we meet. That is why we have decided to create this blog. I truly feel called by the Lord to start writing about our life and our diagnosis journey. So, onto the journey portion of this post.

We are having a little girl!

Her name is Louisa Jean Riley. This has been a long pregnancy. We found out basically at 4 weeks that we were pregnant. Needless to say it feels like I have been pregnant for 5 years now, not to exaggerate. My body has changed so much over the course of these 9 months. I am excited and nervous to have Louisa. I will post the extended version of our pregnancy journey tonight. For now, I just want to share how this week has been. Mike will tell you that I have begun nesting and our house is spotless. Although I have begun cleaning odd things there is still so much to do. This past weekend Mike's parents, Dianna and Pat Riley, came down for 4th of July and to help me prepare frozen meals for post baby arrival. We were able to make 12-15 freezer meals which will be a huge help. Tonight I am going to pack the hospital bag, not to throw him under the bus but, I don't really want to depend on Mike to pack. Mike has been overjoyed with so many things during this process, however, one thing he is rarely thrilled about it baby stuff. I will say the one purchase he was excited about was the monitor and I would say that is the only thing. I have a feeling he will be singing to Louisa through the monitor as she grows. He has helped me a lot with her nursery which I will post pictures of that later as well. Mike is so excited to be a dad. Neither of us know what is to come but one thing we do know is how to love someone with our whole hearts. I hope you enjoy this blog as much as we will enjoy writing it.

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