Monday, July 25, 2016

Louisa's biggest day yet.

Life seemed very still and simple last night. We got the house ready, walked the dog, went out to eat, prayed, and went home to pack up the car. It was a surreal feeling seeing a car seat in the back of the Mazda. I think it is officially official when you see that darn car seat. From my perspective (husband/soon-to-be-daddy) I felt a very real and tangible sense of peace. Something I have not had much of through most of this pregnancy. More than anything I was and am so excited to meet my little girl. I mean pumped! I want to touch her little fingers, I want to feel her little breath on my cheek. I want to start to learn who this little one is and fall even more deeply in love than I already am with her.

I am so proud of my baby girls. I have called Hilary my "baby girl," very affectionately for as long as I can remember. And I am proud of my actual baby girl, who is actually my baby girl. 

- I am proud of Hilary, because we got to the hospital last night at 9:00pm, and she quickly got induced. This woman had very minimal sleep, and a whole lot of contractions all through the night. The above picture was taken at 11:11PM Sunday, July 24th. She took it like a friggin champ. It is 9:00am now, Monday, July 25th and she is 7cm dilated. She had the epidural roughly an hour ago, water is broke, and contractions are regular! I am blown away by her strength. I have a pathetic pain tolerance, Hil seems to have an endless one.

- I am proud of my actual baby girl because she has behaved wonderfully in utero ever since we got to the hospital last night. Her heart has stayed strong, and she is positioned quite well. She is ready to 
meet the world! 

I have been trying to use my knowledge of my wife to best serve her. I know she is crazy about brushing her teeth and washing her face. I know her face well. When the nurse asked if everything was fine, and people-pleasing Hilary said yes, but her face said no. I quickly stepped in. We are going to make darn good parents. This is way more exciting than I had thought it was going to be. 

That is all I have for now. Hopefully the next post will have beautiful pictures of little Louisa!!!

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