Friday, June 26, 2009


This is BO. Bo made my BLOG last year. If you go to June 13th of 2008, you will see him. BO really brings a lot of joy to me. Bo is also a part of YOUNG LIFE CAPERNAUM kids. You can ~CLICK HERE~ to learn more about what CAPERNAUM is all about. But basically this week was a camp full of kids with mental/physical disabilities. It is so amazing to be able to love and interact with these kids. I am impacted by their outlook on life greatly. They are so open to love and fun. I know all too often, I can be so closed off to experiencing things or even experiencing love from others. They are so honest too. So much joy comes out in me just seeing their disposition. It is so easy to love them because the love is recripricated so greatly. It is truly great training for loving people who are not so easy to love back. I made many friends this week, kids like J.R., Brent, Veronica (will be in a wheel chair the rest of her life but is never seen without a veyr infectious smile), and of course. . .JASEN!! This guy brought me so much joy. We just connected right away. His legs are very weak, and he has to wear leg braces, and he does not really speak. He can sort of speak, but he communicates mostly with pointing and hand motions/gestures. One night we played Ping Pong. It was me serving to Jasen, or Jasen serving himself, but that means he would just BLAST IT and I would run to pick it up and do it over again. He would laugh and smile and was just so overwhelmed with joy. I just felt like my joy tank was topped off every second I spent with him. Something so easy on my part really meant the world to him. The other thing that is seriously amazing is the leaders that come with them. Most of the kids, especially the ones who have higher levels of disability have to have a leader for each camper. The capernaum leaders are servants through and through. Christ shines in and around them in a very big way.

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