Tuesday, June 23, 2009

heading back

So today I am BLOGGING very early because I had a very early start. This morning I am reminded of several things; firstly the worth of a good nights sleep is great in my book. And secomdly, I cannot ever, EVER thank my parents enough for all they do for me. Let's just take today, out of the bajallions of times they have put me before themselves. It was probably 3:30AM when we (yes both of my parents took me to the airport. . . even though my mom can't walk yet) stopped at Steak & Shake for some early morning grub. Then we continued to the Indianapolis International Airport where my flight will leave @ 6:37AM. I am BLOGGING from the concourse B and about to get on.

I am excited to get back to Lost Canyon so I can be with my peeps. I want Arizona heat back!!! Ta Ta INDIANA!


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Anonymous said...

love those silver spoon stories...god is great when you got a silver spoon in your mouth..wonder how you would function in the real world.....amazing