Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A different role in Young Life camp experiences

Okay, fist things first. I must tell about my day. At first glance, it appeared to me that not much was accomplished. Lost Canyon has 240 new tree's, and they all needed to have root growth stuff put on them. This is what my role was. Stand by the faucet, and pour the chemicals into a 5 gal bucket, and then fill it up with water. Then one of the ODC (Out Door Crew) guys would take it around to the tree's and put 1 gal of the stuff on each one. Then Ryan and I worked on the equipment and made sure everything had oil changed and was running real good. BLA, it just did not feel like much was done. 
BUT THEN. . . . . 

Ya see, today is referred to as "the day that never ends." There is so much fun and exciting things packed into the day. The kitchen explodes (shot gun blast & kitchen workers run out with flower all over), there is a tableau night, a carnival, everyone get's in the pool & hot tub with clothes and everything on, and a HUGE ALL CAMP DANCE PARTY; just to name a few. So, there is one sector of kids that only clean dishes. They are called, "the pits." They are a great bunch of individuals, but it is long hours doing nasty work. So, the ODC crew decided we would give the pitts the night off. Tonight is the western themed night with spaghetti. If you can imagine serving a full course meal to 430+ campers, well you can see there would be A LOT of dishes to be cleaned. 

I am sorry about the picture. There was no WiFi in the intern lounge, and so I had to go to the club room and use the MAC computer (a.k.a. piece of crap). So, I couldn't figure out how to rotate and save my picture. Anyways, the ODC boys and myself cleaned those dishes like they have never been cleaned before. We had a lot of fun too. And I got EXTREMELY dirty in the process. It was awesome, I am so glad we had the opportunity to serve the pitts crew in that way. :o) 

Now tomorrow I fly out of Flagstaff at 4:35P.M. to go back home. I will arrive in Indianapolis at 1:20AM and will get home around 3:30AM. I have my infusion at 10:00AM and then I have to make sure 2 of my Young Life guys are ready and packed for the trip. It will be amazing. We (myself and the other leaders) are taking our Fort Wayne Young Life kids to a camp in North Carolina called Windy Gap. It is going to be so amazing, and I am so completely pumped to be with my guys. I am STOKED to be leading a cabin of guys again. God is doing great things. Great things is what my God is doing. Praise be to Abba Father, who was and is and will always be the King of Kings! This post is going to show up as a Thursday Post, but really I am submitting it at 12:22AM, so although it is technically Thursday, it is FRIDAY in my book still. I will wake up at 7:30AM, work a half day, get off at noon (12:00PM) and pack and go to the airport. 


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