Wednesday, June 03, 2009

my day was scarry and awesome

Okay, I am not going to fuss around and be all dramatic, but today I almost swallowed my heart. Seriously, I had a moment that almost took the breath right away from me, make my heart stop, and even made me swear (OH SHI*). It happened like this; it is not uncommon for me to drive heavy equipment and place my self in, ohh let's say "tricky" situations. But today, it was especially true. We (out door crew) are working on a new and huge project around the pool. The pool is surrounded by about 6-8 foot rock & cement walls. And, we are going to put some beautiful flowers with stone in certain areas. Today we got the flower pots in place, and the stone needed to be lifted up over the walls and dropped into place. I was in the New Holland tractor and lifting an extremely large load of stone into place. Well, I came at the wall at a rather difficult angle, and well. . . . . tipped the tractor over. AHHHH!! It was horrible. I did not tip it completely on it's side, but I did drop the bucket into the wall, and lifted the right rear wheel off the ground. Two guys jumped onto the tractor to try to balance out the weight, but it did not work. They just unloaded the stone by hand and it all worked out. I put a small chip in the wall. God was watching over me; like he always does.The day ended with the program team doing what they call the Opera. It is a funny show with all the characters acting and singing parodies to popular songs and such. It was great. Then, we throw a carnival. The carnival is awesome, the kids have no idea it's coming, and the day is just so packed with awesomeness. It's such a great thing to be part of. I hear the music right now. Michael Jackson is blasting over the speakers and the kids are dancing. Also, they open the pool up and the zip line, and the BLOB till midnight. It's 10:52 right now. The kids jump into the pool and hot tub with their clothes on, and are just allowed and pushed to be HIGH SCHOOLERS! No rules, lots of fun and safe acceptedness. I love this place. I can't wait to take my guys to Windy Gap (in North Carolina) on the 13th of this month. :o)


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kidō! said...

Wow those situations can be rather odd, but hej you survived it,and you had nice ending of the day, that counts (: