Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Bible study & cereal club

Right after Snider got out of school, I went over and picked up the three amigos. It twas some solid time. We learned a great lesson. I think the lesson we learned was a bit of, "All for one, and one for all." When one is struggling, it should never be internalized and kept out of the light. We have to bring forward these "issues" so that they can be dealt with. It is so good when things are dealt with. God heals the deepest of issues. Today was also our second to last CLUB. Simply put, "CEREAL CLUB!" It was so awesome, a whole bunch of high school kids, and like 15'ish boxes of cereal. Dig in, mix and match different types to find your favorite combination. It was so much fun!

I love the CLUB atmosphere because it provides a super safe place for the kids to hang out and just be themselves. It is a place for kids to experience Christ. The awesome thing is this, most of the time, they don't even know that they are experiencing Christ. They love the way they feel, they love being able to do things they don't get to do any place else, but they don't even know it is Christ that is providing them the peace they so desire. Ryan gave the talk tonight, and he incorporated some guitar playing into the message. It was truly amazing to see God's hand doing so many different things in so many different kids. I'm not kidding, God is powerful, I want to submit to him more and more. In my life, I ask, What can possibly be more important than spreading His love?

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