Sunday, May 02, 2010

running anyone?

Okay, so check this out. Today, my day was jam packed. It was seriously non-stop till like 10'ish. I started out at this church called Envision Life Center. I really needed to go to this church for many reasons. I will say some of those reasons, but won't really go into explanation about the "why's" because this it's my party, and I can cry if I want to.

I went to Envision because I needed to let go of my pride. I needed to experience what I had heart so much about, and what I had created such strong feelings about without actually being a part of. So, I went. The message was amazing. I took a whole page of notes about it, and it was truly amazing. The worship was a little over the top for my personal taste, but I can see how people could really dig that. It was like a Christian rock concert. :-) Twas a good thing for me to experience. Changed a lot.

After that. . . . .
I went to school where they were doing this thing called the Mastodon Stomp. Young Life used it as a fund raiser to help kids make money for camp. It went so good. In the picture above, you can see we were doing our stretch thing. I made sure the kids worked out their butt muscles, and yes, I did show them how to stretch that out. I demonstrated in front of the giant circle. There was a lot of people there. I walked for 2 miles, and that was enough for me. It was 3 miles for the competitors, but I was just supporting the kids. Very cool to see all those kids out there trying to raise money for camp. SUPER AWESOME FOR A LEADER TO SEE THAT MUCH INTEREST BY HIGH SCHOOL KIDS!!!

At 3:00 I peaced out to go meet up with this girl named Lynn Altevogt. If you search this blog for Lynn, back in 2008 I went with Josh to Chipotle and talked about her. lol. It is crazy how life comes back at ya. Well, anyways, God put Lynn on my heart to help out with something BIG that he is using me in. BIG! It is a huge worship thing. BIG BIG BIG

Then me and the "front line" Young Life leaders went to Chipotle, and took the food back to someones house and we all had dinner. I got the chance to lead this meeting, and it was great. I got the chance to lift everyone up individually and God really used that. I love boosting people up in faith. Like I am a part of such an amazing ministry team. God is good. SO SO SO GOOD!

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Anonymous said...

have you considered getting a part time job and giving up a bit of this to help your parents with their financial struggle? just a honest question looking for a honest answer with no negative vibes attached.. perhaps if you got a job with insurance it could help out immenseley with your parents situation.. just a random thought.. peace