Thursday, May 06, 2010


This is really something. So, if you remember my friend Brooks (if you don't, look at my 10/1/09,2/8/10 posts) , you will probably remember his wife. Her name is Mi Mi (not her actual name, and that's not her actual hair). They are both Liberian refugees out of Africa. They have 5 beautiful children. 3 little girls, and 2 boys (elementary). I love this family. God has placed me in their lives to help and do what I can for them. It is so cool because Mi Mi has never really opened up to me before. Well, today, she opened up big time. I was over at their apartment helping to hook up a computer, and this thing called Magic Jack (phone that works through your computer). After I got done hooking it up, Mi Mi and I started talking. She has so many stories. This woman is not only strong, she has wisdom that goes far beyond my comprehension. The atrocities this woman has seen is hard for me to even wrap my mind around. I am so blessed that she respects me enough to divulge all that information to. She told me things that I physically had my mouth open while I listened, literally. She spoke with passion, and I could tell she needed to get some things off her chest. I need to get her and Brooks out to eat dinner on their own. I wanna try and get them a gift card to somewhere like Applebee's and offer to babysit for them for an evening. I am very blessed by this couple. She said some things that blew me away, things I didn't really understand. Like how her grandmother is from the Liberian royal blood line. Yes, like the queen. Again, my mouth is just hanging open. But, she also told me many personal, extremely sad stories. She shared directly from her heart. Again, I was extremely blessed.

Ohhhh, check this out. While I was at Walgreen's picking up some things for Brooks computer, I got a phone call from my old boss Mark Nolot. He called me to see if I wanted a summer position back at Vision Scapes!! WHOOP WHOOP, I GOT A SUMMER JOB!

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