Monday, May 17, 2010

A wall and some rain

You see that wall? I built that wall. Not the base of it, and a couple of the columns, but the majority of it I placed with my hands. Carefully setting each block one by one. I couldn't tell you how many bricks, stones, and river rock I personally moved over the weekend. It would be in the TON'S though. Seriously, that much. I was working at my bosses house. So many of his neighbors stopped by to say how good everything looked. It made me feel good. Today was the last official BSF meeting. Next week will be "share" week. Or something like that. I am looking forward to it for sure. BSF has been so good for me. To be in the Bible daily is such a good thing. I totally understand how it must be a daily discipline for any Christian. No if's ands or butt's to it. It is a life changing decision.

I love the Lord my God with all my strength, soul, and mind. BAM BABY! Bed time.

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