Friday, December 18, 2009

birthday and christmas in 1 day!

So, I had a birthday today.
I also got my infusion. Dang I have gotten a lot of those things. Anyways, the nurses got me this cake. HOW ROCKIN!! I didn't exactly eat it, but I did give it to a little girl who LOVED IT! I didn't lie either George. Because, I said I got it from the hospital, and they made it. I never said I purchased it. So it was not a lie. I also celebrated Christmas. Since I am not going to be here on the 25th, my mom wanted to make sure we got our yearly family time in. It was nice. We ate a killer dinner, sang songs, watched a movie, got gifts, ate dessert, played with a dog, and other things. Well, we did all that except for the song singing part.

Yea, so this was my December 18th. I just want to leave. Very badly I want to leave. I can not get to Janice quick enough!!!

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