Saturday, December 05, 2009

failure turned to success!

So today I was supposed to take about 13 kids to the Coliseum (expo center) in Fort Wayne, to watch an IPFW basketball game. We had it worked out so that we would be sitting in a box suite. Someone gave 16 tickets to Young Life, and so of course I got a bunch of kids around who sounded into it, and budda bing budda boom! Well, literally hours before we were to leave, I found out that the tickets had not come through. And now I have 13 kids, two leaders, and myself wondering what the heck we were gonna do. . . We (leaders) figured it out. We went to another leaders house and got tons of pizza, with xbox 360 and POKER!! I was in hog heaven ya know?
We had a lot of fun. Also, there was several people who were there who are not Young Life usuals. It was a great night. It wasn't a Box Suite, but it was a real good night. I forgot how much I love playing poker too. Seriously it is so much fun. :o) Tonight was really good. God is extremely filled with Grace. I love Janice more than words can properly express, and I love life. Janice is such an amazing gift. :o) Look, there are like 2 smiley faces in 1 sentence. That is super happy!!

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