Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Christ is my everything!

Today after I left class, I had to go to my sisters to drop something off. Don't ask what I dropped off, because it is Christmas time and sometimes you just don't get specific answers like that. ;o) As I drove down town, I saw all these beautiful lights and Christmas decorations all over the place. So. . . I took a bunch of pictures and sent them to Janice. It was really fun. I liked this picture the most. It is of the bakery downtown. They drape all these beautiful lights off the side of the building, and they blink and sparkle and just look really beautiful. Not to mention it smells of super yummy bread baking. It is awesome.

Later in the evening I went to Campus Crusades. It was so awesome! My Young Life area director gave the talk, and it was so good. Talking about how God so desires to be our father. He gave a great story about how his little girl clunged to him when she was learning how to swim last year. She felt like she was going to drown. She in fact was safe, but she being a little 3 year old girl did not know better. So, when Josh lifted her out of the water, she grabbed to him tightly and was desperate for the safety he gave to her. What a perfect picture for how we should come to God.

God is so good. I love that I have a relationship with Him. Christ is my everything!


Janice said...

You think those lights are cool? wait til you come here, ill show you cool... when I say cool I dont mean cold, if you want cold then your best bet is to stay there! lol

Mikey said...

Well, I am for sure not looking for cold. I know I am gonna get Hott in California/Mexico. I mean shoot, i'll be spending my time with you. ;o)