Thursday, December 10, 2009

conversation, wrestling, and more conversation

I needed to study today, probably all day. But, I somehow managed to not study. I think I have already mentally checked out.
But, yet physically I am still here. I am so stoked to be with my baby in California/Mexico. We are going to get to experience so many firsts as a couple, and I am going to experience so many firsts just for me personally. Here are some of the 1st's.
  • Going to Disney Land together.
  • Experiencing our first Christmas together.
  • Flying on an airplane for the first time together.
  • Our first New Years together.
  • Going out of the country for the first time together.
  • Going to our first wedding together.
And probably some others, but I just can't think of them right now. It is going to be so amazing!!! I seriously can't wait. But, I have to wait. Because there is still 9 days, soon to be 8 days. AHHHH!! I am so blessed. 10 days in Cabo San Lucas with my baby. Wow Wow Wow Wow!

I had many amazing God driven conversations with several different people. God is alive, and he is doing great things. He is moving in and through me, and impacting the lives of his children for his glory. At 6:30pm I went to Snider High School for a wrestling meet.
Yeah, we supported our guys, and I enjoyed Austin. Austin is a good kid. After the wrestling meet. I met with an individual about a subject that was very important to him. We had some really healthy God driven conversation. It was a really good thing. God is a really good thing. Even when God doesn't make sense, even when it seems impossible, that is WHEN HE IS EVEN BETTER!! God loves me, my parents love me, my friends love me, and Janice loves me. I know Janice loves me, and even for all the right reasons! Janice is such a good thing.



Anonymous said...

ya right... sometimes answers just aren't there... hard to always be happy go lucky when you do things rite and bad things happen... whatever, i am beginning to not care.. even when i reach out for a voice it only responds at its convenience and then quickly forgets.. anyway have a great trip and a merry x-mas.. take care and thanks.......

Mikey said...

When did I not respond? Stop the pitty party. Express how you really feel, and lets deal with the issue. I am not the issue.