Thursday, August 27, 2009

¡Concentración de NO!

I know I should be doing work. But seriously, that is all I do. But, perhaps I should stop complaining. Perhaps I should consider how lucky I am that I get to go to a University. Perhaps I should stop being such a big baby and just do well. I mean I only have x years left of this. When all the schooling is over, I am gonna wish I was back in it.

Well look at that, I just completely turned my train of thought around. Thanks BLOG commenter, you left an impact. I still hate Geology though. . .

Today was real good. Real good I say. Every day I find new and unique ways to challenge myself in Christ. Not only for my own personal and Spiritual benefit, but for Janice as well. I am constantly bouncing my eyes off what they ought to be looking at, and really trying super hard to love everyone I come in contact with, no matter how abrasive their personality might be.

Today my day started off early; super early. It was just like any day last year. Ya see I was a SUB at one of the YMCA childcare locations. Today it was Arlington Elementary. Which reminds me, I need to E-Mail Angie my hours. Anywho, it felt good to be back with the little ones. BUT, I am sure glad I don't have to do that every morning. Super glad. So I really love my Religion & Culture class. Part of the reason is possibly because of the dynamics of the class. Everyone chose to be in there, so there are very open minded and intellegent converations. Also. . . Every time you want to talk, you have to press this microphone button. You have to do this because there is a class about 1.5 hours away in a room listening and participating electronically through a classroom set up just like ours. It's really cool. I already have a connection with the class on the other end of the screen because I got to class early and just started talking to them. We talked about how I was growing out my beard, and other things. It's really fun, and the atmosphere is super relaxed and respectful. People from all walks of life are there, but not to pounce on each other; just to learn. I really like the academic approach to "religion," not so much Christianity, but "Religion." Every time I am in that class, my definition for Religion gets tweaked a little bit.

Okay, seriously, I need to finish reading.

hasta mañana.


Mikey said...

I have never been the first to comment on my own BLOG, but was this BLOG kind of awkyard? I am curious if it is strange to see my face and hear my voice. For so long, it has just been pictures and words. Now I might usher in a new age of VIDEO BLOGGING (VLOGING). But I don't want to do it if people think it is not so good.

You're the readers, give me your opinion.

Janice said...

Baby... No te puedes concentrar? Sorry I was all over the place toward the end of your tutoring session, I was doing a lot at the same time. And Mikey baby... "Mostly God", then Janice ok..Lastly. I love your VLOGING!

Anonymous said...

wish i could enjoy your vlogging. got a way too slow computer for that. thanks for the mention in your post, although it was not meant as criticism, just a outsiders reminder that you are living a very good and unique lifestyle. having said that, i really admire your work ethic and desire to do good and to work at places you can make a differance. i think that almost happens naturally with you because you just want to help and do good. what a admirable trait. hi janice how are you? you have found a very unique and gifted young man. but you still confuse me once in a while following you. thank you