Saturday, August 08, 2009

LUKE & the Matrix


For lunch today, we had a salad buffet. It was so good. I have not had healthy choice food in a long long long time.
My day started off with me babysitting LUKE! Luke is the son of one of the ladies in the main office of camp. I love little kids, and especially Luke. He is a great little boy. 3 years old, and just a blast to hang out with. Very well behaved.

We went to a swap meet.It was pretty sweet actually. If I had some money to waste, I would totally get some rad knives and such.

I am enjoying my day off, and will continue to do so. When all the other interns went into Flagstaff, I stayed and watched The Matrix. I borrowed it from the lady whom I babysat for. I love the Matrix, and when I watch it now, I get a little bit teary eyed because I see a powerful message of Christ and Faith in something much higher than yourself. It is pretty sweet. GO NEO, DO YOUR THING!! I went back to Ryan's office and started watching episodes of MacGyver off the internet. BUT, I think the internet is just too slow here, it gets about half way through an episode and gets extremely choppy.

P.S. I am reading through 1 Samuel and it is a pretty awesome book. So many awesome and life applicable lessons in it.

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