Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wet Beaver

No, it is not some kind of dirty BLOG post title to get your attention. It is the location we (Caitlin, Andre, Logan, Mike, Nate, Bret, and Jon Offner) went to today to have fun and jump off cliff's. I will not need to do a lot of explaining, well, because the pictures do most of that for me. It was an hour and fifteen minute hike in, an hour and a half drive there, and an hour and fifteen minute hike out. It was, well look for yourself. It was such a good time. We are really soaking up the good times here in our last days at Lost Canyon. I am gonna miss these Interns, and I am going to miss our adventures. I am ready to go home though, and I am even more ready to see Janice. I can't wait to have you in my arms. 5 days left, but by the time most people read this BLOG, there will only be 4 days!!!!


Janice said...

Im soo excited too! Now I really gotta get packing.

Janice said...

BTW Awesome pics!