Sunday, August 30, 2009

the truth will set you free

Today was great. Well, I guess the early part of the day was not so great. I guess I forgot during my time in Arizona how much I hate to study subjects that just really suck. I am referring to Applied Leadership & Spanish. And maybe "suck" is too strong of an adjective, possibly too negative too. I will now choose to use the word ....subjects that are "super challenging and out of the norm," to replace suck. That sounds better now. You might think, "Well, I bet if he is complaining so much about studying, he probably at least got a lot done." You would be wrong. It is amazing how much I do not get accomplished when I "study."
I got to go back to Dave Church today!!! It felt so good to be back there with those guys. And at a new location. It is amazing to see what God is doing. I also got to take two high school friends with me. Adam and his friend John. I took Adam to camp in North Carolina, and he decided to invite his friend to Dave church tonight. It was good, they may have felt slightly uncomfortable, but I still say it was good.

Dave church is so refreshing to me because it is so genuine. We all really love each other. We all really love the Lord. When you put those two things together, well it is just real good. And I have missed hearing Dave talk. I love taking notes on what the Lord has been teaching or prompting him in. I love reading back on those notes after some time and saying, "ohh yeah," all over again.

Ya know that expression, "take time to stop and smell the roses?" Well, today I didn't smell any roses, but I did take time to look at the sky. The sky was so beautiful today. I think I was on my way to go pick up Adam and his friend when I took this picture.

The sky was so darn beautiful today. I couldn't help but admire it in all it's splender. The clouds just went on and on and on. This is an Indiana sky, through and through. When I saw it, I thought to myself, "Man I wish Janice could be here enjoying it with me." We both love looking at the sky. Maybe we are both day dreamers. Whatever it is, I sure wish she could have been here to enjoy it with me.

After I got home from Dave Church (Lifelight Ministries), I talked on the phone with Janice. Then we got on SKYPE together. Okay, what I am about to say is going to be full with confusion. For you, the reader anyways. But, just try to sift through it as best as you can. Janice and I, well we both love each other. And relationships are challenging. Sometimes those challenges are built/created before two people even meet each other. That is the case for Janice and I. There are some things that are difficult to hear, mostly because I am sissy when it comes to certain topics. BUT, God keeps prompting me to not avoid a paticular topic, and to embrace it head on with love and compassion. So, that is what I did, and boy am I glad I did. I prayed and prayed and prayed about God doing something in my heart that gave me a different outlook on a specific topic. That I could have His eyes, and His heart. He did just that and more. Not only was it relatively easy for me to listen to Janice. As she spoke, I just "KNEW" that much more that she is supposed to be in my life. What a good feeling. What an amazing, grace filled feeling.

Our converation got cut short, but we will pick up tomorrow where we left off. I love that girl though, I mean I really love her. I love her and I am just so happy to be able to walk through life with her (emotionally & spiritually of course). Some day I will be there physically. . . some day

To end the night, I went and saw District 9 with George. Now, I would not take Janice to see this movie, but we both really enjoyed it. Because we are a couple of nerds.

I took more pictures, but I don't feel like uploading any more. It was a supid plot, but we laughed and enjoyed it for what it was. A "Dude flick." And i'm okay with that.

Janice, I love you. I am so glad you are in my life. You are a blessing to me in more ways than you can understand. I am excited to see what God is going to do in our relationship. Hang in there and know that I am praying for ya all the time. You are constantly on my mind, and I really want to honor God in our relationship. You're the best, and I really hope you enjoyed Dimitri Martin tonight.

G'Night all!

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