Monday, August 17, 2009

The Journey Home

I am sitting in the Phoenix airport right now waiting for my flight to leave. I just had the most amazing experience just a little bit ago. It is 7:33pm right now, and my flight left Flagstaff to go to Phoenix at 4:35pm (it's a 45 minute flight). Well, if you remember the last time I went to the Flagstaff airport, I had a bit of a problem which turned into a huge blessing. The flight got canceled, but a stranger came up to me and offered to drive me (DIVINE APPOINTMENT). It was a really neat experience where I got to meet a super nice man named Billy. Well, I was waiting in Flagstaff for my plane to leave and a guy walks up to me. IT WAS BILLY!!! He said, "Mikey?" I was like, "Nooo way man!" He asked me if I hang out at the airport all the time, I told him that it was the first time I had been there since he gave me a ride. He said that was the same for him too. Hummmm, smells like another non-coincidental appointment, but you can think what you want. So anyways, we get to Phoenix and I waited for him to get off the plane. We had small talk for a while, and I asked if he wanted to go get something to eat. He said, "sure" and ended up buying my dinner. Often my BLOG pictures are not super high quality, well mostly because they are candid shots. Here, maybe this picture is better.Anyways, so Billy may think otherwise, but I believe fully that this was another DIVINE APPOINTMENT. I am sitting in the airport like I said, and I just shared this story with the guy sitting next to me. In fact, if he has really good eyes, he could read that I am typing about him and just acting like he isn't reading it. But, I don't think he is paying attention.

On another note, I GET TO SEE JANICE REAL SOON!!!! I am so excited, and have been for the past month. It is going to be so good. I can't wait for her to see my life, and meet my family, and just get to hold her. It's gonna be real good.

I think I am going to go and find out what is going on with my FLIGHT, so I am gonna get off of here. PEACE EASY!!!

One last thing. God is good. God is soo extremely good. He is good when times are awesome, and he is good when times suck. God is constant, and never failing. It is the world, and men that fail, God never does, never has, and never will. My life is devoted to serving Him, and making it known where my strength comes from.

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